Nexia Specialties guarantees the use of state-of-the-art technology for managing and distributing the products that are sold globally.


Based on international packaging specifications, we comply 100% with the safety measures in land, air and sea transportation regarding our materials.


Superior quality is the emblem that represents us from the very beginning of our operations. This characteristic has always been the result of the proactive work of our quality department, warehouse and logistics.


The core operating point of Nexpecialties is the logistics department, as it is represented by attentive staff who understand the needs and requirements of our cutomers. We are a company that truly works on maintaining appropriate and updated inventory, as well as the correct documentation that is required by the different regulatory entities in the countries of destination.


Nexpecialties is your best supplying option in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. You can contact our offices in Monterrey, Mexico, our base of operations for this region, or you can also request information through our E-mail: or These are some of the products that we distribute and sell:
- Iodine Prills/Flakes Min. 99.5%
- 8 Hydroxyquinoline Min. 99.5%
- Piperazine Techincal(Aqueous) 68%/Diethylene Diamine
- Adipic Acid
- Formic Acid 85%
- Potassium Hydroxide Min. 90% Flakes
- Citric Acid Monohydrate/Citric Acid Anhydrous
- Sulfathiazole/Sulphathiazole

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